News & Notes

Merino Farm Field Day

On November 3, 2018, Black Sheep Farm was honored to welcome Solitude Wool and fiber enthusiasts for a day on the farm, with something for everyone. A knitting class in the log kitchen. A spinning class in the sun room. A felting class and a dyeing demonstration in the shed. Sheep shearing demonstrations and new […]

Niobe and Linnaea do Bethesda Row

Fall-born ewes Niobe (moorit) and Linnaea (mocha silver) represented their breed well on Saturday July 25 at Bethesda Row, showing shoppers and children where the products from their New Zealand cousins begin, for Icebreaker Merino’s product line–exquisitely finewool knit and woven garments that exhibit all the wonderful properties of wool. Their garments (as does all […]

Black Sheep Farm at Icebreaker Merino, Bethesda Row

Two Black Sheep Farm ewe lambs will enlarge their life experience with a voyage down to Bethesda, Maryland, on Saturday, July 25, 2015, to show shoppers where the fiber used to create Icebreaker Merino garments gets its start. The sidewalk sale in this upscale suburban Washington, D.C., area will be critically appraised by these ewes, […]

Reveal Party

The veterinarian came and went on Wednesday, taking his ultrasound equipment with him, and leaving the shepherdess with the results, to prepare for October lambing.  The couple of open ewes will be primed for breeding this October, with another small crop of lambs planned for April. The ewes, as usual, would rather have been grazing, and squeezed […]

Fond Farewells

This July the rams say their fond farewells to the ewes, go into a stall to learn how to get along again with each other, then are turned out on pasture to endure the heat of the summer. Grazing at night or under the trees, and lying in the shade in the heat of the […]