Felting is what occupies the shepherdess’s free moments at the farm. Imagination is the only limitation when it comes to creating with fiber; the only rule set is that the object be useful (Okay, sometimes the rule is interpreted broadly).

Felting begins with roving and batting from the flock fleeces.

At present I have a white and pale brown 90% wool/10% tussah silk batting. At about 17 microns, it is oh so soft, and ready for nuno felting or even spinning. It’s available in 4-oz. bags for $16 plus shipping; for larger quantities contact us about price.

Batting, ~17 micron

And there are three natural colors mixed with about 15% dyed tussah silk: An very, very dark brown mixed with black silk; moorit (brown) mixed with cinnamon and nutmeg colored silk, and a silver taupe mixed with berry and purple silk. These are very soft and luscious. $2.50/ounce.

I also have dyed roving in yellow, red, and blue–not as fine (about 23 microns), but perfect for basic felting, especially for children’s projects. These are in 2-oz. balls, for just $4 each, plus shipping. Note that this roving is not “top” (further carded to remove short fibers, which provides only the longest fibers that are easiest to spin into yarn).

Tanned sheepskins!

Tanned Merino sheepskins are soft and dense. Current colors: white, silver, light moorit (brown) and dark brown. $125-175, depending on size.