At Black Sheep Farm, we strive for natural colored and white Merino sheep with dense, uniform, long-stapled fine-wool fleeces and correct conformation. The focus is on fall-lambing ewes and a breeding program that allows expression of recessive color genetics: dark browns, silvers, moorit, and variegated fleeces for handspinning and felting. We sell micron-tested breeding stock, covered fleeces, tanned skins, as well as roving and hand-felted creations and lamb for the freezer.

Black Sheep Farm is in northern Loudoun County, Virginia, not far from the Potomac River and 30 miles from Washington, D.C. It is a region full of scenic beauty and centuries of American history, along the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Corridor. To the south, Thomas Jefferson at Monticello and to the west, Isaac Hite at Belle Grove Plantation, each acquired Merino sheep after the breed came to this young nation in 1803. We carry on the tradition of fine-wool production in Northern Virginia.

Our breeding program includes New Zealand Merino natural colored and Australian Merino white sires via artificial insemination. Click on the Stock tab for information on stock available now.

And in the fiber department, we regularly offer well-skirted, freshly shorn fleeces from covered animals, roving and batting, some mixed with natural and dyed tussah silk. Absolutely fabulous for felting! Tanned sheepskins also are available. See the Products page.

WELCOME VISITORS FROM THE 2021 VIRTUAL MARYLAND SHEEP & WOOL FESTIVAL!  So wish that you had been able to squish our fleeces “in person.” But we are staying home and staying safe just like you are.

As a substitute for your tactile experience, we’re providing you with some digital images and fiber testing statistics. Do not hesitate to use our contact form–we will be closely monitoring it to make sure your questions are answered. Go to the Fleeces page to see currently available fleeces.

We also have some fine white and natural colored ram fall-born ram lambs for sale. You can see images and fiber tests on the Stock page.