Fall-born breeding stock is the focus at the farm. Ewes and rams flush on spring pasture; rams meet the ewes in late April or early May; lambs are on the ground in September and October; weaning in January. We select replacement animals, save a few favorites to show as yearlings; some of these are then for sale. This spring we have for sale some lambs sired by a son of the champion New Zealand natural colored ram C5-12, and some of the second generation from his genetic contributions.

Here is an image of the Bluestone Stud C5-12 sire.

New Zealand sire.


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Yearling ram and ram lambs.

Moorit ram, 17119. DoB 9/14/2017. Twin. Proven ram. Lustrous bold crimp, medium moorit color. Heavy cutter. Micron 23.6.

Moorit ram 17119

Black/dark silver fall-born ram lamb 1363. DoB 10/5/2018. Single. Dense, finer crimped fleece. Micron 19.9. Comfort factor 99.1. Good bone, good structure. Moorit carrier. Image below.

Silver fall-born ram lamb 1361. DoB 10/5/2018. Twin. Finer crimped fleece. Micron 21.6, comfort factor 98.1. Good bone, good structure. Image below

Black-to-silver fall-born ram lamb 1367. Twin. Slightly smaller framed than above ram lambs. Micron 20.4, comfort factor 99.5. Moorit carrier. Image below.

White fall-born ram lamb 1367. Twin. He has expressed white fleece color, but colored genetics lurk, from both dam and New Zealand sire. Big boned, good conformation and great lock structure. Micron 19.6, comfort factor 99.1. Image below.

Ewes and ewe lambs.

Mature ewe and triplet ewe lambs. DoB ewe 11/12/2008. This ewe spent her first three and a half years serving as a babysitter for the lone sheep owned by a friend. When she returned to the farm she promptly conceived and lambed. Excellent, milky mother–who prefers to bear spring instead of fall lambs–which is why she and her triplet ewe lambs (from a deep black polled ram) are for sale, as our farm focuses on fall lambing. Lambs were born 3/16/2019.

Dark silver ewe lamb 1349. DoB 10/16/2018. Single (from maiden ewe). Black birth fleece transitioning to dark silver. Micron 20.5, comfort factor 98.4. Image below.

Silver ewe lamb 1348. DoB 10/20/2018. Twin. Micron 20.7, comfort factor 98.9. Image below.

Dark silver ewe lamb 1365. DoB 10/3/2018. Twin. Micron 22.7, comfort factor 93.5. New Zealand sire, dam is half Australian Merino. Image below.

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