Fall-born breeding stock is the focus at the farm. Ewes and rams flush on spring pasture; rams meet the ewes in late April or early May; lambs are on the ground in September and October; weaning in January. We select replacement animals, save a few favorites to show as yearlings; some of these are then for sale. We have imported genetics from New Zealand (natural colored) and Australian (white) studs that has brought outstanding fleece characteristics and structural quality to our flock.


Use contact form for inquiries. We will have more data, including complete fleece test results and fleece samples, at a later time.

March 28, 2023, update

Lambs. Available now are a few choice ram lambs ( polled moorit, polled white, and a few black/dark brown polled/horned), and four ewe lambs (silver, black/dark brown).  We’ll be at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival (arriving May 3 and departing May 7 after the show) and can deliver or transfer there; send an email via the contact form for more information.


September-2022-born lambs congregate after breakfast, before heading out to pasture.


Here are fiber tests from the August 2022 shearing: breeding ewes, replacement ewe lambs, and ram lambs.