Fall-born breeding stock is the focus at the farm. Ewes and rams flush on spring pasture; rams meet the ewes in late April or early May; lambs are on the ground in September and October; weaning in January. We select replacement animals, save a few favorites to show as yearlings; some of these are then for sale. We have imported genetics from New Zealand (natural colored) and Australian (white) studs that has brought outstanding fleece characteristics and structural quality to our flock.


Use contact form for inquiries. We will have more data, including complete fleece test results and fleece samples, at a later time.

January 29, 2022, update

Lambs. If you would like to be put on the list, just send us an email via the contact form.

Lounging lambs, October 2021.

Lambs available

Ram 1426, silver, horned. DoB 9/17/2021, single.

Ram 1427, silver, horned. DoB 9/11/2021, triplet.

Ram 380, white, horned. DoB 9/20/21, twin.

Ram 383, white, horned. DoB 9/29/21, single.

Ewe 1440, moorit. DoB 9/10/2021, quad.

Ewe 1432, black. DoB 9/14/2021, triplet.


Here are fiber tests on some of the fall 2020 lamb crop (tested in March 2021), sired by ram #1366 and our white herd sire. They all are sold. The 2021 lamb crop is on the ground–with colored lambs sired through AI with a New Zealand ram and home-bred sires, and white lambs with a home-bred sire.

Although it’s hard to to justice to the fleeces with a cellphone camera, here are a few. The lovely lock structure on these lamb fleeces does show!