Fall-born breeding stock is the focus at the farm. Ewes and rams flush on spring pasture; rams meet the ewes in May; lambs are on the ground in October; weaning in January. We select replacement animals, save a few favorites to show as yearlings; some of these are then for sale. In 2017 we will have for sale some very special lambs, sired through AI from champion New Zealand natural colored, and Australian white rams.

At four months of age (as of February), they are looking mighty fine. Ram colors are white, silver, and black (moorit carrier); ewe lambs are white, silver, black and moorit. These lambs were born Sept. 30-Oct. 5, 2016.

There is one mature ram available now.

The ram offered, Nevada, is a white ram (with a small grey spot on his side) with an incredible 18.5 micron fleece diameter, 99.8 comfort factor (fiber softness against the skin) and a 130 cm 12-month staple length. He is from the Rafter 7 Ranch in Nevada. The entire clip from this NV ranch goes to South Carolina for processing into roving, which then goes to North Carolina for spinning into yarn and weaving into fabric that ends up as military uniforms for our armed forces.



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