Fall-born breeding stock is the focus at the farm. Ewes and rams flush on spring pasture; rams meet the ewes in May; lambs are on the ground in October; weaning in January. We select replacement animals, save a few favorites to show as yearlings; some of these are then for sale. In May 2018 we will have for sale some lambs sired by a son of the champion New Zealand natural colored ram C5-12, and a son of the Wallalo Park Australian white ram.

At almost seven months of age (as of April), they are looking mighty fine. In the sale sheep, ram colors are dark silver and black (some moorit carriers); ewe lambs are silver and black. These lambs were born in October 2017.


Here is an image of the sire of these natural colored Merinos.

New Zealand sire.


Ram lambs, colored

1347. Obsidian (at left). DoB 10/11/17, single. Brown-black. Horned. Fleece micron average, 22.3; comfort factor, 96.8. 1344. Cappucino. DoB 10/11/17, twin. Moorit. Horned. Fleece micron average, 20.7; comfort factor, 98.7.


1343. Puffin. DoB 10/11/17, twin. Brown-black with white “bling.” Polled. Fleece micron average, 19.1 microns; comfort factor 99.5.

1346. Zinc. DoB 10/15/17, twin. Dark brown (non-moorit). Horned. Fleece micron average, 20.5; comfort factor, 99.3.

Ram lambs, white

1279. Ilio. DoB 10/14/17, single. Horned. Fleece micron average, 19.1; comfort factor, 99.5.

1280. Dundee. DoB 10/12/17, twin. Polled. Fleece micron average, 18.2; comfort factor, 100. 3/4 Australian genetics.

Ewe lambs, colored

1274. Danae. DoB 10/18/17, single. Black. Fleece micron average, 21.6; comfort factor, 96.3. Moorit carrier. Great early staple length.

1341. Dove. DoB 10/11/17, twin. Silver. Fleece micron average, 19.8; comfort factor, 99.7.

Ewe lambs, white

1275. Anemone. DoB 10/22/17, single. Color factored (dam and sire are silver). Fleece micron average, 21.2; comfort factor 98.2.

1276. Iris. DoB 10/7/17, single. Fleece micron average, 19.4; comfort factor 99.6. 3/4 Australian genetics.

1278. Hyacinth. 10/12/17, twin. Fleece micron average, 16.6; comfort factor 100. 3/4 Australian genetics.

Mature rams

1133. Saxon. DoB 5/1/10, twin. White. Fleece micron average, 19.6; comfort factor 98.8. Multiple placings over the years in top four at Maryland Fleece Show. Very bright white fleece, fine crimp.


Mature ewes

Some bred and open mature ewes will be offered for sale in August. Check back!













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